Monday, February 24, 2014

Scenic Senior Photos

Strain's Grocery, so called after its last proprietor, was built in the 1890's, and went through various and sundry facelifts over the years. The most telling one- a crimson paint job which caused the store to be nicknamed "The Red Store".  Located back then near a bustling mill, a barbershop, and the old Baptist church of Lucas, its walls had heard many echoes of industry, local news, and wafting hymns.

Purchased as the site of a proposed subdivision, The Red Store's days were numbered.
 Rachel selected it and a neighbor's barn to have a few more senior photos made.
Gratefully, both owners kindly allowed us to shoot away!

Good-bye, Red Store.

An unexpected and added bonus to the barn scenery...

Thanks, again, neighbor!!

Father's Day 2013

 How thankful I am for a father who loves me unconditionally, guides me wisely, and most of all follows Christ faithfully from day to day!

It also doesn't hurt that he has a smashing sense of humor. :)

 Gift opening and the ensuing photo op unleashed a torrent of giggles, with Dad as chief instigator. 

 The photo that was the product of our (or rather Mom's) labors. :)

Happy Father's Day, Dad - I love you with all of my heart!

           "The just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him."       
(Proverbs 20:7)            

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Philippians 3:14

Essential Oils Class

We had the pleasure of attending an Essential Oils class hosted by some sweet friends just down the road. A lady in their church is proficient in the knowledge of oils and has been benefited by them herself. The use of oils has always been an intriguing subject for me, so it was wonderful to learn more about it! It is amazing how elements of God's creation  can heal and strengthen in so many vast ways!

Kaitlin and her cuddly bugs

Learning even more from Ms. Lis and having countless questions
answered after the excellent presentation.

Always fun to visit with Johanna!
And a joy to converse with Grandma Margarete

Bella is beautiful even when she begs!

Grandma June whittling away at word puzzles.

Regrettably, Mrs. Linda had already departed before we were able
to take our group photo. It was a joy to visit with her, our hostess Mrs. Diane, and the other ladies gathered
to learn more about this fascinating topic.

Vanessa later gave us a glimpse of the stunning hope chest that her father was creating for her!

Thank you, friends, for this fantastic opportunity!

More Senior Photos...

Mom wanted to take a few photos to add to my graduation collection and the rustic walls
around our church made a great background!

A delightful sibling these peeps!

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Grace's Graduation

An exciting event of this past spring was Grace's high school graduation! It seems like not long ago we were little tots just learning our ABC's... It was such a joy to celebrate Grace's academic milestone with her and her family.

We blew up festive balloons...

Lucas and

Audrey were a big help, and then...

naturally there was a lighthearted game of 'volleyball'.

Joyfully greeting friends and family!

 As we visited outdoors, it was fun to watch the cows! 
Here they decided it was time to head to another section of the pasture.

Grace had a blast with her new camera.

(photo by Grace!)
Kaela, her brother, parents, and grandparents journeyed
to share in the special day.

Matt gave thoughtful wagon rides to the little cousins.

From grade school.....

to 2013 graduates!

Grace was delighted her Meema came down
 from New York to join in all the festivities.

Loving preparations,

cheerful help from Angie,

and soon we were all feasting on a scrumptious spread. 

And let the gift and card opening begin!

 Uncle Mike and Aunt Becky traveled from their
Arkansas home to share in the fun.

Mr. Ken and Grandma Etta were so happy to attend, too.

Grace loved all her presents and 
beautiful cards!

Enjoying family photos

Tickling Uncle Bob!

Joyful mother and daughter

Dear friends

Writing well-wishes and blessings

The happy graduate with her loving mom,

and proud dad!

So yummy! 

Matt and Grace

Punch and wonderful photos of family that
have shaped Grace's life- both then

and now.

Portraits with the sweet graduate!
How incredibly thankful we all were to rejoice with you!

Camera wars


Beware. :)

Scenic eye-space...I mean seriously, isn't that beautiful?
Time for more visiting and cake consuming while enjoying the view.

Sweet conversations

Cake-eating cuteness:)

What a wonderful time!

God bless you, Grace!!!

After the party, we ventured over to admire

Matt's well-crafted hunting stand!

Matt demonstrated his hunting rifles, and kindly let us shoot a few rounds!

What a wonderful afternoon to spend with people that we love.

"The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad."
Psalm 126:3