Tuesday, May 05, 2015

January - February 2014 {Pt. 6}

Mom's birthday!!

Sugar/grain free cake

Playing heads-up is always a riot with this crowd!


Running off some energy under the moon light

So this matchyness wasn't planned... :)

Matt surprised William with the hand-tanned hide of Will's deer!

Church smiles

Outfit documentation by Mom :)

Dad assisting with science learning and homework

After church visits and hugs

Important conversations

What a treat to see one of my childhood best friends!

And she is engaged!!!!

Special girl lunch outing to Cracker Barrel

The road to Sarah's piano teacher's house is never too long! 


A hearty breakfast and beautiful snow flurries!

Adkins & Nielson concerts are always highly anticipated and enjoyed!

Joined by a talented guest violinist

What a wonderful evening!

Blooms in winter